Invitational Leadership Project

自2014 年開始,IE計劃總括過去培訓的經驗,並應學校的要求,把深化的IE理念,尤其是涉及中層管理及學校領導的內容,為計劃學校提供領導方面的培訓。

A Pilot Project for IE schools in Hong Kong

Are your students having a difficult time trying to figure out what career path to take as they move from school, to work, to life? Do your students often want to be doing something different, more fulfilling, or more in line with their gifts and talents? If so, the OnTrack Coach Training Program is what you are looking for.

The OnTrack Coach Training Program is built and designed on the concepts from David Chiu’s work "Let the Water Rise” as well as Dr. John D. Geier’s Personality Factor Profile (PFP) assessment.

The design is for teens 16 - 19 and addresses three primary spheres of a teen’s personal development: Who am I? Where am I going (vision)? How am I getting there (mission)? The program will empower teens through the process of compiling a personal “track” for living a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Teens would be able to see a clear picture to their desired future. They will learn about themselves in a huge way. In the process they will have clarity about what they want more of in their life and what they want less of. They will begin a career path focused on a particular outcome. They will be eager to live out their mission because it will now be more clear, directed and on track with their highest good. As a teacher-coach, you can empower your students to move along their life journeys.